We started this publication separately to support poets and creative writers since we have expanded our niche of the magazine and services. This will allow us to limit our community to the readers who love reading poems and other creative stuff. We will continue to feature poets and bring the amazing works of several writers from all over the world. Your support and love will also encourage writers to continue to write.

How To Get Featured Or Write Here?

This place is only for poets or creative writers. If you want to write or get featured here please email us at odistmagazine@gmail.com or send us a text on Instagram.

What Can You Publish Here?

You can write about topics related to people, relationships, love, culture, books and poems. Let us know if you want to share your work under your name.

What About The Main Website?

On our main website, we will be publishing posts related to business, technology, finance and related niche. So, we just wanted to separate the readers who prefer to read poems and creative stuff.

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